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Ok. So I (Brandon) got bored one day and me and my mentioned how cool it would be to have a DVD player made out of a Nintendo. So I got bored and made one. This is a 100% working DVD player. No gimmicks, no fakes, just a true 100% functional DVD, video CD, and mp3 CD player. The DVD tray slides out of the game compartment all on its own (pushes the door up and everything) and is angled just right so that the door even closes when the tray is sucked back in to the player. All controls are done via remote control with the exception of the power button which is built into the original Nintendo power control :) it is waaaay cool.

If you would like to purchase a nintendvd, email me at with your request.

(Click Images To Enlarge)

Front Angle         I/O Panel       Door open          Tray Out   

Version 2 of the NintenDVD